My Views

The Boone County Fiscal Court is in need of a change. The Fiscal Court has become complacent and feels it can unfairly raise taxes on all our residents, including seniors, business owners, and hardworking residents alike. The politicians will tell you they are not raising taxes because, technically, they are levying “fees.” This is an attempt to prevent citizens from realizing what it really is. Call it a fee or call it a tax, but if it’s something that the County Fiscal Court votes on that winds up costing me more money, then it’s a tax!

In addition to the County Fiscal Court raising taxes, there are a lot of behind the scenes “good ole boy” type deals being made with one another in hopes that these elected officials can keep their seats and work on their second and third publicly funded pensions. This problem, I may add, is a big slap in the face to all tax payers given the current pension crises we are facing.

Well, my friends, it’s time to step up and demand a change. It’s time to step up and vote to “drain the Boone swamp” of the nepotism, side deals, triple pension dippers, and tax raising bureaucrats right out of office and onto the street where they belong. Boone County voters deserve better than the lies, tax increases, and other bureaucratic BS that we’ve been fed over the last several years.

Therefore, I’m running for Fiscal Court to help be that change. I want to be that voice to help with the transparency and eradicate the lack of fairness when it comes to the tax payers’ wallets and purse strings. I’m asking that you support me in my campaign and vote Jesse Brewer on May 22nd. Thank you.